T-Track Usage in Jigs and Fixtures


Shopmade Table for Drill Press

   Useful addition to the shop from my experience.  Clamping to and aligning wood on the metal table was VERY frustrating and this table is easy to use.

   Also have a "plunger type" hold down clamp on mount like one shown - see TS sled picture below

   Use fence T-track primarily for (maple) stop blocks 

   Table is held on by two 5/16" bolts and Rockler knobs under the table (I bought seven of their 4' T-track sections plus 10 bolts and 8 knobs kits when they had them on sale for $9.99 in January)

   Fence locks down easily and very solidly 


Shopmade TS Miter Gauge Extension

This one was long overdue too and gets heavy use

Also use the T-track for a stop block for repetitive cuts and for sneaking up on critical cuts

40 cent plastic ruler (cut in half with hack saw as I recall) held by brass brads on top - stop block comes above top of fence and is pretty easy to align with the ruler marks

Sandpaper at the bottom to keep wood from slipping on "held" cuts (rather than stop block cuts)



Shopmade TS Sled

Design is from one of the magazines and has a long pullout stop block on left end.  This one gets heavy use.

Have a stop block which holds my dial indicator in case I need (want?!) to bump over a few 0.001's.

T-track is used for stop blocks 

Extension allows 52" cuts to the left, sled itself is 26" x 22"

Runner is hardwood.  Used a washer on the end of the runner to lock sled into miter slot.


Shopmade router table sled for end cuts and small pieces

Very useful in building ten clocks from the Wood December 2003 issue design which have small routed trim pieces, also works on end cuts on rails for doors, etc.

Routed a piece of slick plastic (UHMW) to fit the T-track (slightly visible white piece in the blue track) so it holds very tight to fence and table.  T-Track installed on auxiliary fence for router has been useful.  T-track on the sled itself works very well for hold down, but the one shown is normally plenty by itself.  By the way, I never could have run that little piece of plastic through the router about three times without the Gripper - there's a plug for a very good safety and convenience addition to the shop.