Old Jim's Woodworking

Odon, Indiana

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Photographs of Selected Projects

Architectural Shelf Clocks (10 built)

Gumball Machine Construction Details

Woodworking Shop Photos and Information

Photos of Shop Equipment

Shop-Made Tools

T-Track Use in Jigs and Fixtures


1 Delta Drill Press
2 Jet 12" Band Saw
3 Delta 13" Planer
4 Jet Table Saw (Vega fence)
5 Jet 6" Jointer
6 Shop Fox Dust Collection System
7 Shop refrigerator
8 Shelving Unit
9 Shelving Unit
10 Shelving Unit
n/a Three work benches (rectangles with thicker borders)
n/a Air compressor (circle at top left)
n/a Mechanic's tool cabinet (square at top right)
Shop Fox Sliding Router Table (rectangle between band saw and table saw)


Music: "Theme From a Summer Place"

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