Architectural Shelf Clock

Basic clock design is from Wood Magazine, December 2003 issue.  

Changes to Wood's design:  

This was a "light duty project" - was recovering from surgery and stuck with a 20# lifting limitation so couldn't handle the 3/4" oak plywood, rough sawn lumber etc.  This project reduced the size of my scrap pile quite a bit though, provides good practice for accuracy in measuring and cutting,  and it was fun to give the clocks away to family and friends.


Hole Drilling with 3 1/8" Forstner Bit


Clocks In-progress Picture


Finished (finally!) - 10 Clocks on the Bench


Solid Cherry Close-up - Gloss Tung Oil Finish (I kept the one on the right)


Tall Cherry on Hard Maple Close-up - Gloss Tung Oil Finish


Hard Maple on Lacewood Close-up- Gloss Tung Oil Finish (LOML's selection)


The QS Oak Guys - (back two are wood from an old barn - should have provided lighting from the right side too for the picture I guess)


Walnut, Walnut on QS Oak and QS Oak on Walnut - Gloss Tung Oil Finish

(except the solid walnut clock which is Watco spray semi-gloss lacquer)


QS Oak from an old barn with Watco semi-gloss lacquer finish


Walnut on QS Oak Close-up - Gloss Tung Oil Finish